Decluttering, Reorganizing, and Decorating Your Home During COVID

Decluttering, Reorganizing, and Decorating Your Home During COVID

Woman looking at her closet, decluttering and reorganizing

Now that a lot of people are still practicing social distancing, they tend to work from home. And when you're at home, it's easy to see exactly what your home needs in terms of updates. Is that sofa looking really ratty? Maybe it needs new covers. Is your closet jammed with clothes? In that case, it might need some reorganization and decluttering. Are your room doors getting jammed? Maybe you need to replace the hinges.

It can be daunting to invite someone into your home when the pandemic is still going on. But there are many little updates that you can do yourself, just by reorganizing and redistributing things in your home. Here are some tips:


You can start your home updates by decluttering your home. Most of us have too many clothes, books, and other items that we barely even use. Ask yourself whether it's really necessary to have so many things. Do you really need to hold on to all of them? Are you even planning to use all of them? Or are they just going to languish in your closet unused?

You can try following the Marie Kondo method for decluttering. Pile up all your clothes in the middle of the room and give them the joy test. Touch each item, holding it between your hands, and ask yourself whether it brings you joy. Do you feel joy emanating from that item into your hand? If not, then throw that thing away or give it to someone who will use it.

Organizational Items

Once you have thrown away all the things you don't like, you need to think about whether the rest of them are being stored in a way that brings you joy. Is everything just thrown together in a chest of drawers without any organization whatsoever? Do you get stressed out when you open your closet? Or is everything nicely displayed?

Sometimes, you might just need to get a few organizational items like hangers, a set of drawers you can put under the hanging clothes in your closet, or a hanging organizer for your shoes. Maybe you just need a small file rack for your paperwork or another bookshelf for your books.

You won't believe the difference that small purchases such as these can make to your life. When there's a place for everything and everything is in its place, you'll feel soothed rather than anxious.

Decorative Items

Once you've finished your home organization, you might notice that your house is lacking in decorative items. Do you have any artwork on the walls? Would you like to change the artwork on the walls? Or add more artwork to what's already there?

Many people worry too much about making sure that the colors of their artworks match the colors they have in their home. But artwork doesn't all have to be "matchy." You can hang a cluster of things that don't have anything in common on the same wall.

Pick your artwork with care, making sure that it all makes you feel joyful. You may even have come across old artworks that you would like to preserve and put up while you were decluttering your home. Bring all these things together on the floor and try out different arrangements until you're happy with one. Then take a photo of it so that you can recreate it on the wall.

Other great inexpensive updates include getting a rug for your floor, hanging a piece of drapery you got on your travels on the wall, getting new curtains, getting a few potted plants, painting a room in a color you like, hanging some artwork in the passages and bathrooms, getting a couple of new bedsheets, etc. These are all budget-friendly upgrades you can make in your home during COVID times.


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